Liam's Story

His is a short one as he is only almost 18 months old.

We found out that he has PA of his tibia when he was only six weeks old. We had originally brought him to the Ortho doc. to have his sweet lil extra toe looked at. The first thing she said after she checked him over was "we are not going to deal with his toe right now, I have something else to tell you". I wasnt sure what she was going to say but that is when she told us he has a fractured tibia. I was in shock, thinking what did we do, how did this happen. She reassured us it was nothing we had done. She casted him that day after a few xrays and he was in that cast for 6 weeks before we went back. I was all excited that I was able to see both chubby legs again, but it was short lived as it was healed, and she felt that reacasting for 4 more weeks was the best way to go. That brought us to almost Sept. and he finally had the cast removed as his leg was healed enough that she was happy with it. He had surgery to remove his extra toe at 6 months, which put him back in a cast for another 5 weeks I believe.

He got his first AFO in April just in time for his first birthday and he took to it very well, he actually brings it to us everyday. His leg has a slight break in it too, but his doc doesnt want to do surgery anytime soon and just wants to watch it to see what happens, we love her for that as the poor lil man went through so much in the first 6 month of his life.

He started walking at around 16 months and it was the happiest day in my life, I actually cried even though he is my 4th. It was the best thing ever, I was starting to wonder if he ever would, but a chat with a few great ladies put me at ease.

We are now going through the application process to get him to the Shriner Hospital and he goes to get fitted for a new brace in the next few weeks.

I do have to add that he is the happiest lil man and is always smiling, he gets many compliments on it everyday.


Written by A. K. 20.10.10