Laughlan's Story

Our story begins a little later in our young ones life then most with pseudarthrosis. Laughlan was almost two when using an Air Compressor to pull himself up to standing he toppled it onto his leg. This was 12 months ago now.
All was routine for the first few weeks. In to the hospital, into a cast, regular check ups, at about 4 weeks post break doctors suggested that the break wasn't healing as fast as they would have expected but weren't to worried. After 10 weeks and still minimal healing they decided that it was likely pseudarthrosis and we were sent to see a specialist 400km away.

They diagnosed Congenital Pseudathrosis of the Right Tibia, Laughlan has no symptons of NF, Laughlan had an operation a week after that which was by then the end of March 2010. They removed 2cm of bad bone and put a telescopic pin in his leg in the hope that this would keep the leg straight and by removing the bad bone enable the break to heal. He was in full cast for 5 weeks and a short cast for another 4 weeks and a brace permanently.

We have since had a follow up appointment in which the specialists diagnosis from the xrays was "it looks like its trying to heal but still might not". We are due for another visit with our specialist early November.

We are only early into our Pseudarthrosis Story. But we have already been advised by doctors how long a process we are in for. There is obviously always the possibility of his leg not healing and there are a few more operations to try help it heal before they even consider amputation. Then if it does heal once he gets older there will be procedures to lengthen his leg. As even with only that small amount of bone cut out already the length difference is very noticeable.

From Laughlans point of view I'm certain the whole thing is so much less an issue to him then everyone else. Kids seem to adjust so easily and he is the most easy going of my 3 children, and i think the most equipped to deal with a little extra hardship and to not let it slow him down.
One last note, although we were told Congenital Pseudarthrosis is not hereditary unless it is a symptom of NF, we recently found at a family reunion that a distant cousins of my partners has an 8 year old son with exactly the same, pseudarthrosis with no NF.


Written by A. V. 19.10.10