Theddy Slongo, M. D.
Paediatric Traum and Orthopaedics
University Children's Hospital
Dept. of Paediatric Surgery
CH-3010 Bern

Dr. Slongo prefers surgery during early childhood (no later than 3 years of age) using microvascular Fibulatransplantation  


St. Gallen


Dr. Harry Klima
Chief Physician Department Pediatric Orthopedics
Children's Hospital of Eastern Switzerland
Claudiusstrasse 6
CH -
9006 St.Gallen

The approach to stable bone healing and correction include of surgical removal of the diseased portion of the tibia and the use of an external ring fixator on the lower leg with correction of the deformity (and possibly lower leg extension and consolidation of the bone). Recently, to maintain stability, we have used a "Nancy-Nailing", which remains after removal of the ring fixator. The patient is mobile during the duration of treatment and pain may depend upon full weight-bearing.

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